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Acorn flour

Acorn flour
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Acorn flour is made from ground acorns and can be used as a substitute for wheat flour. It was used by Native Americans for making cookie and . 

Koreans also use acorn flour to make dotorimuk.

Oak nut collecting season is usually September and October in the northern hemisphere (late summer).

If you have an oil press, make acorn oil. Acorn oil has similar properties to olive oil and is used in Algeria and Morocco.

In Germany, acorns are used ( also see How to use Acorns ) to make sweet "Eichel Kaffee," while the Turks use acorns to make "racahout," which is similar to a spicy hot chocolate.

Some Native Americans used to refer to acorns as "grain from trees" as it was pounded into flour/meal.

Get Dietary Benefits: Like most nuts, acorns are a protein dense food. They are not as high in fat as some other nuts, but a good source of complex carbohydrate, fibers if used whole, not sifted, and containing some vitamins and minerals.

Some studies even show them, as nuts generally do, to have properties that can help control blood bad cholesterol and sugar levels.

How to make Acorn Flour.
Recipes using Acorn flour see Here and Here.
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