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Basa Fish

Basa Fish
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Basa Fish

The body of a basa fish is stout and heavy. The rounded head is broader than it is long, with the blunt snout having a white band on its muzzle. This species grows to a length of 120 centimetre.

Basa is a fresh water fish, farmed mainly in the Mekong River system of Vietnam. It is one the world's most successful aquaculture species - and is rapidly becoming one of the most popular fish in Europe, north America - and Australia.

These fast growing fish produce large white fillets with no bones, flesh that is moist with a light firm texture, and a mild fish flavour - exactly the combination preferred by most Australians. This makes Basa one of the most versatile species we have: ideal for restaurant or take-away meals, but equally suitable as a table fish to cook at home using a multitude of recipes and cooking styles.

Basa is often presented in retail outlets already prepared in a variety of flavoured marinades, ready to cook and eat within minutes.

Cooking tips:

1.The soft texture of basa fillets makes them ideal for grilling, pan-frying and baking.

2.For a super fresh meal idea, simply toss a basa fillet in tarragon and lemon dressing, pan-fry for 1-2 minutes each side, and serve with a sublime pear and rocket salad.

3.Basa fish cakes make a great value meal that the whole family will enjoy. Super easy to prepare, packed full of flavour, and great for the kids.

4.For a quick and easy weeknight meal try our simple masala fish curry which can be made in just 20 minutes and tastes sensational.

Health Benefits of Basa fish:
Like most fish, Basa is high protein and low fat. These 'good' fats contain Omega-3. The regular consumption of fish (2 or 3 meals a week) is linked to significantly reduced risk of heart disease, stroke, bowel cancer and the prevention or mitigation of numerous other life threatening or debilitating illnesses. It is now well established that, in general, people who eat fish regularly, live longer and healthier lives.

The Heart Foundation recommends eating fish twice a week, and Basa is a great choice to fulfil this requirement.

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