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Bass Fish

Bass Fish
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Bass Fish

A fish that lives in the rivers and lakes of North America and is considered part of the "sunfish" family, which is different than the sea bass family. Bass reaches a maximum length of 2 ft. Its white flesh is lean, flaky and very tasty. The smallmouth bass is found in the rocky parts of lakes and rivers. It usually measures 8-15 in. Length and weighs no more than 3 lb (1.5 kg)

The largemouth bass, with a slightly more solid body than the smallmouth bass, prefers warm waters, slow-moving bodies of water and muddy lakes. The largemouth bass is also called "black bass" or "green trout."

There are two groups of bass: Black Bass and True Bass.

Black Bass: They are members of the sunfish family. It's a freshwater fish. There are six species of Black Bass: Largemouth, Smallmouth, Spotted, Redeye, Guadalupe, and Suwannee. They all have long yellowish-greenish bodies.

Largemouth Bass live in lakes, ponds, and rivers of the U.S. and Canada. It's a favorite fish of fisherman. They are very strong and make a good meal. They're famous for their fighting ability. Adults usually weigh from 1-4 pounds, but they can grow to 20 lbs. and two feet long.

Smallmouth Bass are especially strong for their size. They only weigh 1/2 to 4 pounds. They live in streams and large lakes of the United States and parts of Canada, Europe, and South America.

Spotted Bass are also known as Kentucky Bass live in southern regions of the United States. They are found in deep clear reservoirs. They're usually smaller than smallmouths.

Guadalupe live in streams in south-central Texas.

Redeye live in streams of the southeast.

Suwannee Bass are found in rivers of Northern Florida

True Bass are divided into two categories temperate bass and sea bass. Most species live in the ocean.

Temperate Bass are silvery fish with two fins on the top of the back. They have six or seven bold stripes along their body. There are four species in North America, White Bass, Yellow Bass, Striped Bass, and White Perch. White and Yellow Bass live only in freshwater but Striped Bass and White Perch are native of the Atlantic Ocean. Both have been forced to live in freshwater because people damned inland waters. Striped Bass are common in the Atlantic regions and in the south. They weigh anywhere from 2-20 pounds.

There are over 370 species of Sea Bass the Jewfish is the largest. It can grow to 8 feet long and 700 pounds.

Preparation Method of Bass Fish:

Before scaling, plunge the bass for a few moments in boiling water to which some lemon juice has been added (this will make scaling easier). The skin can also be removed.

A medium-sized bass is prepared in the same way as trout, while a large bass is prepared in the same way as carp or shad. The older the fish (the larger in size), the higher its potential level of contamination. 

Bass is suited to all cooking methods.

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