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Bulkie Roll

Bulkie Roll
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Bulkie Roll

Bulkie roll or bulkie is a New England regional variety of sandwich roll. Sandwiches made with bulkie rolls are very common in area delicatessens, restaurants, and institutional food services. Bulkie rolls are larger and firmer than hamburger buns. The crust is usually slightly crisp or crunchy, but bulkies are not hard rolls. The bread within the roll is similar to ordinary white bread, with a texture that is neither very chewy nor very fluffy, without any yellow color or egg taste, and not noticeably sweet. They are either plain or topped with poppy seeds.

They are similar to and sometimes equated with kaiser rolls, but kaiser rolls are noticeably sweeter and often topped with poppy seeds.

Origin and usage

Examples of menu usage include:

1. Two of our handcrafted seafood cakes on a bulkie with lettuce and tomato.
2. Roast Beef Bulkie.
3. 'Piled High' Served on your choice of white, rye, or pumpernickel bread—bulkie or onion roll.

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Recipe for Bulkie Roll.

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