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Common Bream

Common Bream
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Common Bream

The common bream, freshwater bream, bream, bronze bream or carp bream, Abramis brama, is a European species of freshwater fish in the family Cyprinidae. It is now considered to be the only species in the genus Abramis.

The bream is usually 12 to 22 in long, though some specimens of 30 in have been recorded; it usually weighs 2 to 4 kg. The maximum length is 35.5 in with a maximum recorded weight of about 9.1 kg.

It has a laterally flattened and high-backed body and a slightly undershot mouth. It is a silvery grey colour, though older fish can be bronze-coloured especially in clear waters. The fins are greyish to black, but never reddish.

Common Bream  prepared by different ways soup,  grill, panfry, fish curry...

Health and Nutrition facts - Serving size – 100 g

 Approximate Values per serving (Calories - 96 cal, Fats – 1.9 g, Carbohydrates – 0 g, Protein – 19.7 g, Saturated fat – 0 g, Cholesterol – 0 mg, Sodium – 0 mg, Omega – 3-fattyacids – 0.4 g)

Nutritional Benefits: 
i) Bream contains no saturated fat,
ii) It has no cholesterol,
iii) It does not contain sodium,
iv) It also contains essential omega-3-fattyacids,
v) It is rich in iron and essential vitamins, and
v) Bream is an excellent source of good quality proteins.  

Health Benefits of Bream 
1. Bream has Omega-3-fatty acids. These fatty acids help in improving immune system of the body and lowering blood pressure
2. Good quality Protein in Bream helps in maintaining healthy muscles and skin.
3. It helps in the prevention and cure of atherosclerosis as per the scientific research.
4. Bream is always a good food for Weight watchers – as it is a Low calorie diet and contains no saturated fats and no Cholesterol.
5. Excellent for growing children because their bodies require more of good quality proteins for building up of strong muscles.  

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