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Crab Dip

Crab Dip
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Crab Dip

Crab dip (sometimes referred to as "Maryland crab dip") is a thick, creamy dip that is typically prepared from cream cheese and lump crab meat and other primary ingredients, such as mayonnaise may be used. Various types of crab preparations, species and superfamilies are used, and various additional ingredients may be used. It is typically served hot, although cold versions also exist. Hot versions are typically baked or broiled. It is sometimes served as an appetizer. Accompaniments may include crackers and various breads. Some U.S. restaurants offer crab dip, commercially produced varieties exist, and some stadiums offer it as a part of their concessions.


Fresh, frozen or canned crab meat may be used in the preparation of crab dip. Different types of crab meat may be used, such as jumbo lump, lump backfin, leg and claw, among others. Various types of crab species and superfamilies are also used, such as blue crab, Dungeness crab and Alaska king crab, among others.

Some versions may use mayonnaise, other types of cheese, such as pepper jack cheese or brie cheese instead of cream cheese, and imitation crab as primary ingredients. Additional ingredients may include mushrooms, artichoke, onion, green onion, shallot, green pepper, bread crumbs (such as panko), heavy cream and others. Bread crumbs may be used to top the dish, which may be browned during the cooking process creating a crust. Sometimes Parmesan cheese is combined with the bread crumbs. Some versions use Old Bay Seasoning as an ingredient to add flavor, and some are prepared spicy with the addition of ingredients such as hot sauce and red pepper.

Preparation and service

Some U.S. restaurants offer crab dip on their menus. Commercially mass-produced crab dips are also produced. Crab dip can be prepared in advance, refrigerated, and cooked at a later time. It may be served with crackers, flatbread, pita bread, bread, crostino and pretzels, among other accompaniments


Some versions may incorporate other seafoods in addition to crab, such as lobster.

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