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English Muffin

English Muffin
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English Muffin

An English muffin is a small, round, flat (or thin) type of yeast-leavened bread which is commonly sliced horizontally, toasted, and buttered. They are commonly eaten in the English-speaking world.

The term "English muffin" is most commonly used in North America to distinguish between this savory bread and the more common sweet cake-like muffin, which are sometimes known as "American muffins".

In North America and Oceania

Muffins are commonly available in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States. Outside the United Kingdom they are commonly called English muffins. They are most often toasted and then topped with butter and/or jam. They are also used in breakfast sandwiches with meat (bacon, ham, or sausage), egg (fried, scrambled, poached, or steam-poached), and/or cheese. They are the base ingredient in the traditional American brunch dish Eggs Benedict. They can be found in a wide range of varieties, including whole wheat, cinnamon raisin, cranberry, and apple cinnamon.

United Kingdom

Despite being considered as quintessentially English, and available in most British supermarkets, they are less widely eaten than crumpets or scones. American-style muffins are usually sold simply as muffins.

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