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Fava Bean Flour

Fava Bean Flour
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Fava Bean Flour

Fava bean flour is milled from blanched fava beans. Fava beans have a distinctive flavor and is most often used in combination with garbanzo bean flour for gluten free baking. There are not many recipes for using fava bean on its own, but 1/4 cup can be added in place of white flour in almost any recipes. Uesd to make savory recipes with this flour. Customers have found that toasting the flour will reduce some of the bean flavor.

In Europe, Fava bean flour is used as a "flour Improver".  It's active fat-oxidizing enzymes; which generate the beany flavor, also indirectly cause the oxidation and elongation of the gluten protein.

Fava bean flour is frequently found blended with garbanzo bean flour.

Fava Bean Flour is perfect for all kinds of baking including breads, pizza, cakes, and cookies. Bean flours provide protein for superb gluten- free baking. 

Use in place of rice flour in any of your favorite recipes.

Recipes using Fava bean flour see Here .
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