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Fera Fish

Fera Fish
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Fera fish:

Fera is a local name for several fish species of the genus Coregonus from Switzerland, and France, in particular Savoy. The true fera referred to the species Coregonus fera, which was endemic to Lake Geneva, but is now extinct. 

Féra, Fera, Palée and Palée du Léman –  The broad whitefish;  for the French this is considered a freshwater fish; on a French menu this fish will have come from a river or lake. Elsewhere this fish, like its relative the salmon, may well be caught at sea.

Fera as a food
The “fera” served as a food fish in Switzerland and Savoy refers to the still-surviving relatives of the true fera, which include Coregonus palaea. The Lake Geneva whitefish was locally known as "little fera".

The broad whitefish has white, delicate, firm flesh, and caught in freshwater will be prepared like its other family members, salmon and trout, grilled, fried, poached or smoked. This is one of the tastiest freshwater fish in France.

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