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Gilt-Head Bream

Gilt-Head Bream
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Gilt-Head Bream

The gilt-head bream is a fish of the bream family Sparidae found in the Mediterranean Sea and the eastern coastal regions of the North Atlantic Ocean. It commonly reaches about 35 centimetres in length, but may reach 70 centimetres and weigh up to about 17 kilograms.

Gilthead seabream is an esteemed food fish.

The fish is widely used in Mediterranean cooking, under a variety of names:

In Germany the fish is called Goldbrasse or Dorade.

In Portugal and Galicia the fish is referred to as Orata or Dourada, and is widely available as a fresh fish meal in local restaurants in the Algarve and along coastal Portugal.

In Spain it is called the dorada. It is also highly prized and is both commercially fished and raised in fish farms. In Catalonia the fish is referred to as orada or daurada.

In France it is called daurade or dorade.

In Italy, the fish is called orata.

In Croatia it is called ovrata, orada, lovrata or komarca.

In Turkey the fish is referred to as çipura or çupra.

In Greece and Cyprus it is called tsipoúra.

In Malta it is called awrata.

In Albania it is called koce.

In Israel it is known as chipura or denisse.

In Serbia it is orada.

In Egypt it is called denees.

In Romania it is called dorada.

In Bulgaria it is called tsipúra.

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