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Spondias mombin or Spondias purpurea var. lutea, is a tree, a species of flowering plant in the family Anacardiaceae. It is native to the tropical Americas, including the West Indies. 
The tree has been naturalized in parts of Africa, India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. It is rarely cultivated.

The mature fruit has a leathery skin and a thin layer of pulp. The seed has an oil content of 31.5%.


The fruit pulp is either eaten fresh, or made into juice, concentrate, jellies, and sherbets.

In Thailand this fruit is called makok (Thai: มะกอก) and is used in som tam as a secondary ingredient. The young leaves, which taste slightly bitter and sour, are sometimes served raw together with certain types of nam phrik (Thai chilli pastes).

Use in Medicine- 
The fruit-juice is used as a febrifuge and diuretic. They are pulped, boiled in water, and drunk, or used as a lotion or for baths. The bark is used as a purgative and in local applications for leprosy (Kerharo and Bouquet). The bark decoction is used for severe cough, causing relief through vomiting.

A decoction of the mashed leaves is used by the Ibos (Nigeria) for washing a swollen face. The leaves, ground with sugar, are rubbed on the mouth and gums. A leaf infusion is a common cough remedy or used as a laxative for fever with constipation. A leaf decoction is used for gonorrhea.

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