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Kitchen Bin

Kitchen Bin
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Kitchen Bin

A waste container is a container for temporarily storing refuse and waste. Different terms are in use, depending on the language area, the design and material and the respective site.

The most general terms are waste receptacle and container bin.

Common terms include bin, dustbin, rubbish bin, refuse bin, litter bin, litter receptacle, kitchen bin, garbage can, trash can, trash barrel, garbage bin. Public containers with wheels are termed wheelie bin and mobile garbage bin respectively. A wheeled bin for residential or commercial curbside collection can be called by the generic name Herbie Curbie or the trademarked name Herby Curby.

Large metal containers for construction waste are termed skip in the UK and dumpster in the US.

Open containers with a wire structure for light material are called waste baskets.

Open containers for paper waste and indoor use are called wastepaper basket and wastebasket respectively.

All bins should be lined with a plastic bag for easy collection and removal of garbage.

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