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Lahoh Bread

Lahoh Bread
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Lahoh Bread

Lahoh is a spongy, pancake-like bread originating in Djibouti, Somalia and Yemen. It is also popular in Israel, where it was introduced by Yemenite Jews who immigrated there. In Yemen, it is often sold on the street by peddlers.


Lahoh is prepared from a dough of plain flour, self-raising flour, warm water, yeast and a pinch of salt. The mixture is beaten by hand until soft and creamy, then left out to ferment. Sorghum is the preferred flour for making lahoh. There is a sweet-tasting variety of the dish, as well as another variety that is made with eggs.

Lahoh is traditionally baked on a metallic circular stove called a daawo. Lacking that, it can also be baked in an ordinary pan.


For a typical Somali breakfast, three pieces of lahoh are often eaten along with honey, ghee, and a cup of tea. During lunch, lahoh is sometimes consumed with curry, soup or stew.

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