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Leucaena is a genus of flowering plants in the subfamily Mimosoideae of the legume family Fabaceae. It contains about 24 species of trees and shrubs, which are commonly known as Leadtrees. They are native to the Americas, ranging from Texas in the United States south to Peru. The generic name is derived from the Greek word meaning "white," referring to the flowers.

Leucaena species are grown for their variety of uses, including as green manure, a charcoal source, livestock fodder, and for soil conservation. The seeds (jumbie beans) can be used as beads. Leucaena planted for firewood on an area of 120 km2 will yield an energy equivalent of 1 million barrels of oil per year. Anthelmintic medicines are made from extracts of Leucaena seeds in Sumatra, Indonesia.

Some species have edible fruits (as unripe) and seeds. The seeds of guaje are eaten with salt in Mexico. In other species high levels of mimosine may lead to hair loss and infertility in non-ruminants.

Chinese Petai (Indonesia), guage (Mexico);  wild tamarind (Corozal, Belize);  lead tree (Florida);  lamtoro (Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea);  ipil ipil (Philippines);  jumby bean (Bahamas);  false koa, koa haole (Hawaii);  tangantangan, tangan tangan, talantayan (Guam, Marshall Islands);  talntangan, ganitnityuwan tangantan (Yap);  tuhngantuhngan, rohbohtin (Kosrae);  telentund (Palau);  lopa samoa (American Samoa);  fua pepe (American Samoa and Samoa);  lusina (Samoa);  pepe (Niue and Samoa);  nito (Cook Islands);  siale mohemohe (Tonga);  subabul (India);  vaivai (Fiji);  cassis (Vanuatu);  te kaitetua (Kiribati);  kay keo dâu (Vietnam). 
Local Name:Kemlandingan, Lamtoro (Java); Palanding, Peuteuy Selong (Sunda), Kalandingan (Madura) Scientific name: Leucaena leucocephala, LMK. de wit, Leucaena glauca, Benth.

The form of plants that have a hard tree trunk and the size is not large. The leaves are compound decomposes in a double-bladed shaft. A tuft of white flowers often called cengkaruk.

The fruit is similar to the fruit petai (Parkia speciosa) but much smaller and thinner Berpenampang. Chinese banana fruit including fruit pod, containing small seeds bibji which is quite a lot. Chinese banana farmers in the countryside is often planted as a hedge plant, green manure and everything.

Reproduction apart with old seed dispersal can also be done by stem cuttings.

Diabetes mellitus, worms, sex drive, new wounds and swollen; Tluseben (kasura).

Diabetes Mellitus / Diabetes, Worm Infection, Improve sex, New wounds and swelling, Tlusuben (objects that get into the meat: wood, bamboo)

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