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The Pequi ( brasiliense Caryocar ,Caryocaraceae ) is a tree native to the cerrado Brazilian, whose fruit is widely used in cooking hinterland.

It is an extracted olive oil called Pequi. Its fruits are also eaten cooked, alone or together with rice and chicken. Its core is endowed with many thorns, and there is need for very careful when biting the fruit, avoiding crimped it teeth, which can cause serious injury to the gums and palate. The flavor and aroma of the fruit are very striking and peculiar. Can be stored both in essence and preserved.

The fruit can be enjoyed in various forms:
cooked, the rice , the chicken, with pasta, with fish, with meat in milk , and as one of the most popular liquors Goiás . In addition to candy and ice cream.

Its soft and tasty flesh must be eaten with great care, since it covers a layer of fine thorns that if bitten, if they stick-on tongue and roof of the mouth , causing severe pain, a risk that ceases to exist, once assimilated the technique of tasting that is easy to learn. Should only be eaten with your hands, never with cutlery. Should be taken mouth to then be "shaved" - carefully - with teeth, until the yellow part start become whitish and stop before the spines can be seen.

The fruit of pequizeiro, being rich in oil has been widely used in the manufacture of homemade soap by rural residents of Tocantins, which had no easy access to manufactured product.

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