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The pineberry is a white strawberry with red seeds. Pineberries are actually the oldest strawberry variety. The Pineberry is a strawberry cultivar. They were publicized in Germany in April 2009, as Ananaserdbeere, or pineapple strawberry. It is a hybrid of Fragaria chiloensis, originating in South America, and Fragaria virginiana, originating in North America, the same parentage as the garden strawberry Fragaria ananassa.

A pineberry is smaller than a common strawberry, measuring between 15 to 23 mm. When ripe, it is almost completely white, but with red "seeds". "The fruit flesh can range from soft white to orange and is very fragrant with a slight pineapple flavor," said Greg Goddard, the co-creator. The plant is disease resistant, but is not very profitable, due to small-scale farming, small berry size and low yield crop.

The Pineberry has been marketed to European restaurants, bakeries and wholesale markets. The berry has been dubbed the Pineberry for the UK market where it became available in 2011. White strawberries are not rare; garden supply stores in the UK have other white varieties of strawberry called White Soul and White Delight. Unlike the pineberry, these however are Fragaria vesca cultivars; the strawberries these plants produce are generally smaller and more fragrant.

Pineberries were nearly extinct until 2003, when Dutch farmers saved the plant. The farmers found the plant in France and decided to grow it commercially. As a result of many selections over time, the plants they found yielded only one or two berries per plant. The farmers took cuttings and grew hundreds of plants and selected the healthy ones. This was repeated for six years until they had healthy plants

Types of White Strawberries (White Strawberry Varieties)There are multiple types of white strawberries.  White strawberry varieties include white subspecies of Fragaria vesca (more commonly known as the Alpine Strawberry); Fragaria chiloensis (more commonly known as the Beach, Coastal, or South American Strawberry); the Pineberry; and few others.  

The major types of white strawberries follows:

White Alpine Strawberries:
buy white strawberriesAlpine strawberries are wild strawberries of the species Fragaria vesca.  White alpine strawberry varieties include: Albicarpa, Krem, Pineapple Crush, White Delight, White Giant, White Solemacher, and White Soul.  Most of these varieties are available for sale.  You can order them from supplying nurseries by clicking the links in the next section.

White Beach Strawberries:
White beach strawberries are also known as coastal strawberries, wild strawberries, Chilean strawberries (Frutilla Chilena) and South American strawberries.  All of these white strawberries are members of Fragaria chiloensis.  This species of strawberry was instrumental in the cross-breeding that resulted in the large, red, plump strawberry varieties available today.  To learn the history of the development of the modern-day strawberry, read it on the Strawberry Plant page.  These can also be purchased at the links below in the next section.

White Pineberries:
Pineberries are also a type of white strawberry.  However, if they are ripened in the sun, they will often gain a pinkish hue.  Because of this, those with strawberry allergies should not risk consuming them as they likely still contain at least some quantities of Fra a1.  The pineberry is Fragaria x ananassa hybrid, just as is the typical red garden strawberry.  However, the genetics passed down in the cross have resulted in a unique pineapple-strawberry flavor and white fruit.  

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