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Pink pearl apple

Pink pearl apple
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The Pink Pearl apple is an apple cultivar developed in 1944 by Albert Etter, a northern California breeder. It is a seedling of "Surprise", another redfleshed apple.
Pink Pearl apples are generally medium sized, with a conical shape. They are named for their bright, pink flesh. They have a translucent, yellow-green skin, and a crisp, juicy flesh with tart to sweet-tart taste. Pink Pearl apples ripen in late August to mid-September.

Pink Pearl apples have a short season, they are harvested in early fall with supplies lasting through mid to late fall. 

Current Facts:
A member of the rose family (Rosaceae), the Pink Pearl is an apple of the red-fleshed variety. It is the offspring of the Surprise apple, an old English variety. 

The skin of the Pink Pearl apple is creamy tan/yellow to green in color and speckled with small white lenticels (spots). Medium in size it is prized most for its fine-grained flesh, which is vivid pink to red in color. Highly aromatic the Pink Pearl has a balanced sweet tart flavor with nuances of raspberries and grapefruit. 

Nutritional Value:
Pink Pearl apples are low in calories, high in water content and offer a fair amount of vitamins A, C and B. They also contain a dietary fiber known as pectin, which has been shown to lower cholesterol levels and trace amounts of boron, which has been touted for its ability to help build strong bones. 

The rosy hued flesh of the Pink Pearl apple makes it perfect for use in applications that showcase its vivid color. Slice and add to tarts, pies and scones. Cook down to make pink applesauce, preserves and sorbet. Their sweet tart flavor pairs well with savory items too. Sautee sliced Pink Pearl with fresh herbs and serve alongside pork or fish. Chop and add to salads, serve with sweet and savory dips or pair with a robust cheese. 

The Pink Pearl apple is one of only a handful of apples that are native to California. Created in 1944 by renowned plant breeder Albert Etter it quickly rose to become one of the more popular red-fleshed varieties of apple. Today it is grown mainly on the west coast in California, Oregon and Washington State at orchards that specialize in heirloom varieties. 

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