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Popcorn Seasoning

Popcorn Seasoning
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Popcorn Seasoning

Popcorn Seasoning can refer to a variety of seasonings that are used to add flavor to popcorn. In the United States, popcorn seasoning is mass-produced by several companies for commercial and consumer use. Popcorn seasonings may be used to enhance the flavor of popcorn, and some are used to add a buttery flavor to popcorn. Significant amounts are often used to ensure the adequate flavoring of popcorn, due to popcorn's low density. It is also sometimes utilized to add coloring to popcorn. Some popcorn seasoning may contain monosodium glutamate. Some specialty products exist in unique flavors, such as chocolate and bubble gum.

Dry popcorn seasoning may be finely granulated to enable even dispersion upon popcorn. Some oils used to cook popcorn contain popcorn seasonings mixed within the oil, and may be referred to as popcorn seasoning oils or liquid popcorn seasoning. Common homemade popcorn seasoning ingredients include salt and melted butter. Some popcorn seasoning products may be referred to as popcorn salt

Commercial applications

Popcorn seasoning is sometimes used within machines that are utilized to produce large quantities of popcorn for consumer purchase.

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