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Salmonberries are edible and share the fruit structure of the raspberry, with the fruit pulling away from its receptacle. They are good eaten raw and when processed into jam, candy, jelly and wine. They were an important food for indigenous peoples. Traditionally, the berries were eaten with salmon or mixed with oolichan grease or salmon roe. They were not dried because of their high moisture content.

It is widely grown as an ornamental plant for its flowers. It has escaped cultivation and become naturalized in parts of northwestern Europe, including Great Britain, Ireland and the Faroe Islands.

Uses of Salmonberry fruit

1, This fruit is eaten as fresh.

2, Also the fruits are involved to prepare wine and also many alcoholic drinks too.

3, The fruits aid in the preparation of jams jellies in an easy way.

4, The salmonberries are used to add flavors to candies.

5, The immature shoots are directly consumable also can be cooked similar to that of the asparagus.

6, The salmonberries sprouts helps in preparing dishes combined with salmon and also other fishes too.

7, The salmonberry trees leaves act as an excellent replacement for tea.

Health Benefits of Salmonberry fruit

1, A moist paste prepared from the leaves aid in the dressing of burns.

2, The decoction produced from the roots helps in solving the stomach based ailments.

3, Also the decoction aids in reducing the labor ailments.

4, The plants bark is made as a powder helps in healing the burns and also the soars.

5, The moist paste prepared with the help of the bark to soothe the tooth ache and also to heal wounds.


Fat free, saturated fat free, Cholesterol free, low in sodium, and an excellent source of vitamins C and K, and manganese. 

The leaves and roots of these shrubs have astringent properties. Their root bark is astringent, analgesic, stomachic and disinfectant.

Recipe for Salmonberries.

Read More at Wikipedia.

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