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Striped Bass

Striped Bass
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Striped Bass
Striped bass, also called Atlantic striped bass, striper, linesider, rock, or rockfish, is the state fish of Maryland, Rhode Island, South Carolina, and the state saltwater fish of New York, New Jersey, Virginia, and New Hampshire. They are also found in the Minas Basin and Gaspereau River in Nova Scotia, Canada and the Miramichi River in New Brunswick, Canada.

Consuming  Striped Bass:
Striped bass meaty but flaky texture complements a range of dishes. Season striped bass with lime juice and hot red pepper and then grill or bake for a nutritious main course. Use leftovers in your salads simply flake the fish and serve with a lime vinaigrette over a bed of leafy greens. Get creative with your seasonings and condiments to enjoy a range of flavors when eating striped bass lightly brush the fish with a mixture of thyme and olive oil before cooking, or serve unseasoned striped bass with pineapple and cilantro salsa.

Health Benefits of Bass Fish:
Protein is the most abundant nutrient in striped bass  each 6-ounce serving boasts approximately 30 grams. Like other animal sources of protein, striped sea bass provides each of the amino acids that you need to include in your diet. After digestion, your body uses these amino acids to create the proteins that it needs to function and maintain tissue strength.

Vitamin B-12:
Your body uses B-12 to make hemoglobin, the protein abundant in your red blood cells that facilitates oxygen transport in your body. It also helps you make DNA, contributes to healthy neurological functioning and helps your body produce hormones. A 6-ounce portion of striped bass contains 6.5 micrograms of vitamin B-12 more than the 2.4 micrograms you need daily.

A 6-ounce portion of fish contains 1.4 milligrams of iron 18 percent of the daily recommended iron intake for men or 8 percent for women, according to the Linus Pauling Institute. Like vitamin B-12, iron helps you make functional hemoglobin. Iron also activates enzymes you need for energy production, and getting enough iron drives your metabolism. Striped bass contains predominantly heme iron, a type of iron that's easily absorbed by your digestive system and utilized in your body.

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