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Tucuma (Astrocaryum) is a palm tree that quite measure up to 15 meters, usually solitary, the stem with strips of thorns black, leaves ascending, erect inflorescence and yellow fruit with reddish tones.

The Tucumã, fruit of an Amazonian palm tree, the sticky pulp and fribrosa, according to Chaves (1947) is rich in vitamin A, and vitamin 90 times more than the avocado and 3 times higher than the carrot, but also have high vitamin B (thiamine) and high content of vitamin C, rivaling the citrus .. tucumã also features high-energy (247 calories per 100 grams), and carbohydrates (19.1%), lipid (16.6%) and protídeos (3.5%).

It is a palm native to Colombia and Trinidad to Brazil , especially in the states of Acre , Amazonas , Pará and Rondônia , being exploited or cultivated by his palm and fruit edible (which becomes a kind of wine) for its wood, used to make earrings , the oil of the seeds used in cooking, and also by the leaves, which is extracted fiber tucum for making nets and ropes that resist salt water.

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