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Zig Zag Vine

Zig Zag Vine
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Melodorum leichhardtii or Zig-zag vine or acid drop vine, is a plant species of rainforest vines native to eastern Australia.

It has a very pleasing spicy orange-sherbet flavor, and is used in making sauces for gourmet dishes but also to make liqueur.

Zig Zag Vine is a tall or bushy fruit bearing woody climber, indigenous to tropical rainfroest of Eastern Australia and PNG.

leaves of the Zig Zag Vine are simple alternate, shiny dark green with rippled margins, honey-scented when crushed and with sparse, rusty hairs on the under surface. Flowers are born in paris, Orange-brown, in color and fragrant with six thick petals, opening in the evening.

With several segments, the globular, orange fleshed fruit of Zig Zag Vine are 4-6cm long with one to four seeds. The flesh is edible and has a variety of usages.  Fruit is found on the vine any time of the year.

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