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Barringtonia Acutangula

Barringtonia Acutangula
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Barringtonia Acutangula

Barringtonia acutangula is a species of Barringtonia native to coastal wetlands in southern Asia and northern Australasia, from Afghanistan east to the Philippines and Queensland, Bengali: Hijol

Its bark contains potent opioid painkillers.

Health Benefits of Barringtonia

It is kapha and pitta suppressant. It is effective in related aliments. It improves the skin complexion. It prevents indigestion and is effective in diarrhea. It prevents dehydration in the body helping proper absorption of water. It purifies blood and prevents any infection happening in body. It helps in expelling out the mucus from the body and hence it keep the respiratory tract clean. It regularizes the menstural cycle and also manages urinary tract. It is helpful in relieving from fever. It is a general health tonic and hence is very effective in avoiding general health weakness. 

Medicinal uses

1. Antitumor (seed extract) 2. Antibiotic 3. Inhibit growth of Helicobacter pylori 4. Antinociceptive activity 5. Antifungal.

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