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Cananga Oil

Cananga Oil
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Cananga Oil

A flavoring agent. It is a yellow liquid with a harsh, flowery odor. It is soluble in most fixed oils and mineral oil, and insoluble in glycerin and propylene glycol. It is obtained by distillation of flowers of Cananga odorato Hook and Thomas (tree of the Anonaceae family).

Cananga is a plant. The oil taken from the flower is used primarily as an ingredient in foods and cosmetics. Cananga oil does not have any medicinal uses.

In foods, cananga oil is used as a flavoring agent in gelatins, puddings, and beverages.

In cosmetics and soaps, it is used as a fragrance.

Don’t confuse cananga oil with ylang ylang oil (oil from Canangium odorata genuina).

Benefits of Cananga Oil:

One of the most popular uses for Cananga odorata medicinally is for the circulatory and nervous system. The plant is said to lower the user’s blood pressure and also to slow a rapid heartbeat, whether it is brought on by –Stress, Anger, Anxiety

It is also used to control heart palpitations as well as anxiety.

The oil of the Cananga odorata plant is often recommended for healthy skin and hair and is used in many beauty products. When used on the hair, it can help repair damaged hair or split ends. It is often used on dry skin, as it is an effective moisturizing agent, and it can also function as a way to balance out the skin’s moisture. It is often used in soaps and bath oils, and is an especially popular scent in perfumes.

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Brian.Bach2014-12-22 02:10 (7 years ago.)

why does it say in one line it has no medicinal uses, and two lines down it gives a list of them? I can't trust you guys...

missing class include : daIp