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Chicken is the most common type of poultry in the world, and was one of the first domesticated animals. Chicken is a major world wide source of meat and eggs for human consumption. It is prepared as food in a wide variety of ways, varying by region and culture. The prevalence of chickens is due almost the entire chicken being edible, and the ease of raising them.

Methods of Cooking:

In Asian countries it is possible to buy bones alone as they are very popular for making chicken soups, which are said to be healthy. Also grilled chicken, sauteed chicken, baked chicken, chicken curry, chicken  fry are the most common ways of cooking chicken.


Health Benefits of Chicken: 

1.Build Muscles: Chicken is lean meat. This basically means that it has little fats and lots of proteins. People who are trying to add bulk to their muscles eat lots of boiled chicken. 

2. Increases Appetite: Chicken has zinc which helps to maintain a healthy appetite. A bowl of steaming chicken soup can change the taste of your mouth.

3. Keeps Bones Healthy: Chicken has phosphorus which along with calcium keeps your bones healthy. It might be good for women who are prone to having weak bones. 

4. Heart Healthy: Chicken has cholesterol but it also has niacin which helps lower cholesterol. So if you pick lean pieces of chicken and have it without adding oil or butter, it is heart healthy. 

5. Improves Immunity: Chicken has lots of trace minerals in it that gives a boost to the immune system. Usually boiled chicken in pepper soup is also good for fighting off cold. 

6. Helps Children Grow: Chicken is a one of the best foods for growing children. Chicken has lots of amino acids that helps the child to grow taller and stronger. 

7. Cuts Risk Of Arthritis: Chicken is rich in a mineral called selenium. This selenium cuts the risk of developing arthritis at later stages of life.

 8. Relieves Stress: Chicken has vitamin B 5 or pantothenic acid which has a calming effect on the nerves. So if you are stressed out, nothing like grilled chicken to chill out.    

9. Reduces Rick Of Heart Attack: Chicken cuts the risk of heart attacks because it is rich in vitamin B 6. This vitamin lowers the levels of homocysteine. If you have homocysteine it can cause cardiac arrests.    

10. Soothes PMS Symptoms: Chicken has magnesium that can help you cope with pre menstrual stress. The magnesium levels in your blood reduces just before your have your period. So compensate by having some blanched chicken.    

11. Spikes Testosterone Levels: Chicken has special health benefits for men. This is because zinc in chicken helps to regulate the testosterone (male hormone) levels.

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Ricardo.Mendez2015-06-23 13:36 (8 years ago.)

Who doesn't like chicken?

2015-02-04 17:02 (9 years ago.)

what does scald on fried chicken mean