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Dalda is a brand of hydrogenated vegetable oil popular in South Asia and it also called "Vanaspati"

These terms are used for fully or partially hydrogenated vegetable oils sold in India as a lower cost substitute for ghee made from cow-milk.

Vanaspati is also an Indian/South Asian slang for Vanaspati ghee, a fully or partially hydrogenated vegetable cooking oil, often used as a cheaper substitute for ghee. In India, vanaspati ghee is usually made from palm oil. Hydrogenation is performed using a catalyst known as "supported nickel catalyst", in reactors at low-medium pressure (3-10 bar). Vanaspati ghee is very high in trans fats, which may compose up to 50% of Vanaspati.. 

Among general masses, a need arose to differentiate between Dalda and traditional-ghee made in India. The Dalda was based on a technology imported from Netherlands, Dalda and Dada became to be known as Vilaiti-ghee. In Hindi, Vilaiti means 'of foreign-origin'

Traditional ghee made in India became to be called as Desi-ghee. In Hindi, Desi means 'native or of local-origin'. Nowadays, Desi-ghee refers to ghee made from cow's milk.

For many decades, Dalda was produced from groundnut (peanut) oil. The first hydrogenated palm oil to mimic cow-ghee was called Vanaspati-ghee. Vanaspati itself means 'of vegetable origin'. Nowadays, Vanaspati ghee refers to any partially or fully hydrogenated vegetable oi or a blend of vegetable oils that mimic the cow-ghee.

In Pakistan, Vanaspati ghee is called Banaspati ghee.

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