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Moth Bean

Moth Bean
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Moth Bean 

Moth bean is a drought resistant legume, commonly grown in arid and semi-arid regions of India. The pods, sprouts and protein rich seeds of this crop are commonly consumed in India.

Uses of Moth Dal:

1. Moth Bean is used to make many dishes to be eaten with rice or rotis. It can always be sprouted and then be cooks as salads to make a crunchy snack which will make you feel light on stomach. 

2. The seeds can be cooked and eaten as a vegetable and can also be processed as dals to preserve them for a long time. And later can be prepared in sprouts and also be cooked as any other dal or beans. The Moth seeds are fried to make them into a crunchy snack.

3. Also Moth Bean can be assimilated as a flour to prepare south Indian foodie delights like Idli and dosa.

Health Benefits of Moth Dal:

1. Moth Bean seeds are a good and potential reservoir of Proteins and other essential minerals and vitamins. 

2. Moth bean is one of the major protein food sources. It is rich in protein (23.6 g); calcium (202 mg) in it can make it an excellent supplement to cereal diet. Especially for people who are unaware of the problems that mal-nutrition can push them into. Moth Bean is a cheap source of nutrients and forms a specific and perfect diet. 

3. Moth Beans have great health benefits! Moth Beans have lot of fiber, calcium, proteins and minerals.

4. It is believed that consumption of the seeds can help treat a fever.
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