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Roasted Channa Dal

Roasted Channa Dal
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Roasted chana dal, are obtained by roasting chana dal. It gives chickpeas a wonderfully rich and nutty taste. Roasted chana dal is tiny, tough, creamy white with a little aroma or taste and should be crispy.

Roasted Chana Dal is easily available and is easy to store. They can be bought already packaged or roasted at home. If buying dried, inspect the beans to make sure they were stored in a covered container, are whole, unblemished, and have no moisture damage. 

Chutney can be made by pounding roasted chana dal along with curry leaves, coriander, salt, cumin seeds, and dried red chilli and then curd can be added to form a smooth paste. Roasted channa dal in combination with peanuts, Sesame seeds, dry coconut, red chillies, Asafoetida, Salt to taste and Ghee makes excellent powder, which can be sprinkled on upma or accompanied with iddli or dosa or uttapa. Store in an air tight container. Roasted chana dal are used in coconut chutney by south IndiansIt is been also used in Poha Chivda. It can be also, eaten whole as snack or spiced up with tomato, cucumber, onion, red chilli powder and little lime juice. It can also be powdered before using it in the recipe. You can even coarsely crush roasted chana dal as per recipe requirement.

Roasted chana dal is an outstanding source of manganese, folate, and protein, dietary fiber, copper, phosphorous and iron.

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