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Skim Milk

Skim Milk
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Skim Milk

Skimmed milk, or skim milk, is made when all the cream (also called milkfat) is removed from whole milk. Milk from which sufficient fat has been removed to reduce the milkfat content to less than 0.5%. 

It is used in the manufacture of certain cheese varieties, casein, and lactose. It is an ingredient in frozen desserts, baked goods, and confectionery. It is also consumed as a beverage.

Skimmed milk contains less fat than whole milk, and as such many nutritionists and doctors recommend it for people who are trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.

 Sometimes, only half the cream is removed, resulting in semi-skimmed milk instead. Skim milk tends to have a slightly watery flavor, which some consumers do not enjoy.

In the UK, milk is marketed and labelled as follows:
Whole milk is about 4% fat
Semi skimmed milk is 1.7% fat
Skimmed milk is between 0.1-0.3% fat

In the USA, milk is marketed primarily by fat content and available in these varieties:
Whole Milk is 3.25% fat
2% Reduced-Fat Milk
1% Lowfat Milk (also called Light Milk)
0% Fat-Free Milk (also called Skim Milk or Nonfat Milk)

Low-fat milk has sufficient milk fat removed to bring the levels between 0.5-2 % It also must contain at least 8.25% solids-not-fat. It must contain 2000IU of vitamin A per quart.

Skim milk Also called non fat milk has had sufficient milk-fat removed to bring the level to less than 0.3%

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