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Spices consist of dried plant products that exhibit flavor and aroma.

Spices come from the bark (cinnamon), root (ginger, onion, garlic), buds (cloves, saffron), seeds (yellow mustard, poppy, sesame), berry (black pepper), or the fruit (allspice, paprika) of tropical plants and trees.
Spices are obtained from vegetable substances from which none of the volatile or other flavoring substances have been removed. Spices are grouped into
a) tropical spices such as pepper and cloves;
b) herbs, such as sage and rosemary;
c) spicy seeds such as mustard and anise; and
d) dehydrated aromatic vegetables such as onion and garlic.

Spices are used predominantly in prepared meats, luncheon meats, sauces, salads, soups, and dressings. Other important users are bakers, pickle packers, condiment manufacturers, and the canning industry.

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