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Strozzapreti pasta is a larger version of cavatelli, traditionally made by rolling out pasta dough by hand, then giving it a light twist. The name is also used for a baked cheese and vegetable dumpling, prepared in some regions of Italy and in the French island of Corsica.

The dough is rolled out in thick flat sheets. It is then cut into strips. The strips are lightly rolled or twisted between the palms. The large pasta is separated into 10 cm pieces by pinching. Unlike spaghetti or macaroni, this pasta is not uniform in size or shape.

The dough traditionally used for strozzapreti in Romagna is made with wheat flour, water, salt, and (optionally) eggs.

In Emilia the dough is made from flour, water, Parmesan cheese, and egg whites, all beaten together.

Pici is a somewhat similar form of pasta from Tuscany in which hand-rolled, solid fat tubes of dough are cut but left untwisted; the taut, rope-like appearance provides yet another popular explanation for the association with strangling.

Corsican Strozzapreti

Strozzapreti refers also to large gnocchi made of cheese and vegetables, and then baked, typical of Corsica. Seasoned spinach or chard is rolled into balls together with brocciu cheese, and then baked in oven. These balls are large enough to choke a person if eaten whole.

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