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Crystallized Ginger

Crystallized Ginger
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Crystallized Ginger

A confection made from pieces of ginger (gingerroot) cooked in a sugar syrup, then coated with sugar. Also known as candied ginger. 

Ginger root, the part of the plant you ingest is actually the stem that grows underground. Typically the root is peeled and the yellow flesh is used in medicine, teas and cooking. Young ginger root is tender and often used for making crystallized ginger because the more mature root tends to be fibrous and stringy. The flavor of ginger alone is pungent and spicy and is prevalent in Asian and Indian cuisines. Crystallized ginger can be made at home or purchased in most health food stores.

How to make Crystallized Ginger.

Recipes using Crystallized Ginger Link 1, Link 2.

Also see Candied Fruit, Candied Nuts.

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