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Mushroom Gravy

Mushroom Gravy
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Mushroom Gravy 

Mushroom gravy is a simple sauce that can be composed from stock, roux (a mixture of equal parts butter and flour to thicken), and mushroom base.
It can also be enhanced with mace, to add a delicate nutmeg flavor.

Mushroom sauce:

In cooking mushroom sauce is sauce with mushrooms as the primary ingredient, often cream-based. It is commonly served with veal or pasta but can also be served with poultry, vegetables, or risotto.

It is made with mushrooms, butter, cream, white wine (some variations may use a mellow red wine) and pepper with a wide variety of variations possible with additional ingredients such as garlic, lemon juice, flour (to thicken the sauce), grated parmesan cheese, saffron, basil or other herbs. It is a variety of allemande sauce.

Different types  of Mushroom Gravy are  prepared in different parts of the world.

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